Restaurant tech that's worth it

Restaurant business is about making people happy, not about all the simmering and stress in the world. Bumerang is here to help you boost sales and protect profits through automation.
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No developers needed

For romantics and pragmatics of the restaurant world

Grow your restaurant efficiency and get your passion back. No need to choose between the two.

Time is money

Luckily, Bumerang is saving you both.
One window order processing
Our easy-to-use platform enables you to automatically receive and process all online orders within one window. Activate a rush mode to get you through busy times.
Menu management simplified
Update menus and prices across all marketplaces at once. Customisable menu templates for your needs. Automatically snooze menu items the moment they become out-of-stock.
Analytics and insights suite
In-depth analytics on online sales revenues, orders and menus performance. Easily compare results across locations, channels and brands, and make informed decisions.
Real-time customer support
Live customer support to get you up and running. All Bumerang users are connected to our experts via chat on the web or app to get advice and necessary help.

Integrations and one POS

Get access to new digital sales channels or develop the existing ones. No developers needed.
Keep your stock and menus updated between Bumerang and your POS. Run your business efficiently.
Orders sent to get prepared and out for delivery once ready. No more mistakes or delays.

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